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Panel Systems (Gas Compression)

FW Murphy offers a full line of control panels that interface with a wide range of engine, motor, pump and compressor applications. Murphy believes that you start with a basic control platform, then customize your panel with instrumentation, layout, and software until you get it exactly how you want it.

Whether you need a fully configurable fault annunciator and shut-down system, auto-start and basic engine control, or full-time data logging and expandable communication capabilities, you'll be given the total FW Murphy treatment — reliable control backed by full customer service.


Vapor Recovery Unit Controller Panels


The VRU Pro™ Controller Panels are designed specifically for tank battery vapor recovery compressors. This full-featured vapor recovery controller can be panel mounted as a stand-alone application or integrated with an EICS® or AFR-1/AFR-9/AFR-64 package.

The controller keeps the compressor in a ready-to-start condition until tank pressure reaches a preset level. At that point, it starts the compressor to recover the vapors and draws pressure back down to the set point. It then turns off the compressor.

It pairs with single stage reciprocating, screw or scroll compressors and is certified for CSA Class I, Division 2 hazardous-area operations.

•   Comprehensive signal monitoring and control
•   Automatic start and stop based on suction pressure
•   Engine / electric motor monitoring and protection features are selectable
•   Setup configurable through keypad
•   Equipped with 18 fit-for-purpose fixed digital, analog, thermocouple and frequency inputs and nine (9) field-effect transistor (FET) and analog outputs
•   Modbus RTU monitoring and remote control ready (RS-485)

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TTD™ Annunciator Panels


The TTD™ Annunciator Panels are fully configurable fault annunciator and shut-down control systems designed to protect engines, compressors and associated equipment.

These easy-to-operate panels features a simple interface. One display head is common to all configurations which requires fewer spare parts. The optional tachometer may use CD ignition or magnetic pickup input. The panels offer optional pre-lube or post-lube functionality as well as optional no-flow detection. They can monitor 48 user-configurable sensors.

•   Simple interface is easy to operate
•   Factory configured for RS232; field selectable for RS232 or RS485
•   Optional tachometer using CD ignition or MPU input
•   Optional pre-lube & post-lube functionality; optional no-flow detection
•   LCD display: static, 80 segment, custom text with LED backlight
•   CSA Class I, Division 2, Groups B, C and D

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Centurion™ Control Panel


The Centurion™ Configurable Controller (C4 Series) is a hybrid of annunciator and compressor controller.  The C4 combines the monitoring and shutdown features of an annunciator, with auto-start and basic engine controls that help prevent shutdowns.

•   PC configurable/USB compatible
•   No programming experience required

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Centurion Plus™ Control Panel


The Centurion PLUS™ Configurable Control Panel (C4) is the latest evolution in Murphy’s controller technology. This full-featured controller provides the stability of proven technology combined with the latest HMI touch screen for greater expandability and user interface.

This versatile panel features custom application programming as well as full-time data logging and expandable communication capabilities.

•   Custom application programming
•   Full time data logging
•   Full-Color VGA touchscreen (resistive analog)
•   Data logging - 1 GB memory card, with data log transfer “on the fly”
•   Communications: serial RS232 - 2, serial RS485 - 1, USB 1.1 - 1, ethernet
•   24 VDC powered

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Custom Panels by Control Systems & Services


With more than 75 years of history, Murphy’s Control Systems & Services division has the experience to provide the correct solution for any control system need. We work with clients to quickly identify critical needs and cost-effective solutions in a wide variety of control systems applications, from basic annunciator shut-down panels to complex PLC-based systems.

CS&S takes any project from conception to completion and beyond with 24-hour technical support.

Services include:

•   Project Management
•   Design and Engineering
•   Testing
•   Training
•   Technical Support

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