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IntelliSpark™ Ignition Control System

Maximize the performance and health of your spark-ignited natural gas engine with Murphy’s IntelliSpark™ ignition controller and components. True primary and secondary diagnostics provide users with an intelligent view of engine operation, while increased programming capabilities give you ultimate control. The IntelliSpark systems feature microprocessor and capacitive discharge functionality for any application that requires a cost-effective operation.

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IntelliSpark™ Features:

•  Crankshaft-referenced 16-bit microprocessor-based system
•  Patented Smart Coil technology
•  Automatic energy control
•  Five timing reference options including camless operation
•  Two field-adjustable timing schedules
•  Optimized engine combustion and performance
•  True primary and secondary diagnostics
•  Increased spark life

Available Models:

•  IS-8 Ignition Controller: Fires 8 Outputs
•  IS-16 Ignition Controller: Fires 16 Outputs
•  IS-32 Ignition Controller: Fires 32 Outputs

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Engine Integrated Control System (EICS)

Murphy’s Engine Integrated Control System (EICS) utilizes IntelliSpark technology to provide integrated spark and diagnostic capabilities as part of a comprehensive engine management solution, pre-calibrated specifically for your engine model. The EICS ensures your engine will run at optimum performance without the need for manual field adjustments. Its D-EPR valve accommodates wide variations in fuel composition and speed/load ranges, maintaining efficiency with load following technology for even the toughest gas lift applications. You can be certain your site will pass required testing, like Quad J testing, without the need for pretesting to get dialed in.


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