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Industrial Work Solenoids
DC Contactors
Electronic Controls
Fuel Shutdown Kits & Throttle Control Cable Kits
Compliance Controls
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Trombetta Tympanium produces custom DC contactors, market leading DC industrial work solenoids, and electronic controls to complement and enhance solenoid performance. From small to large forces and strokes to intermittent and continuous duty DC contactors, Trombetta’s engineering services can custom design and manufacture the best solution for your application.
Industrial Work Solenoids
Electromechanical devices typically used to pull the rack on diesel engines.
DC Contactors
DC powered contactor/relay devices to pilot high current loads.
Electronic Controls
Trombetta's electronic controls for solenoids regulate the magnitude of electrical drive applied to the coil. They enhance solenoid performance by increasing force capability and reducing operating temperature.
Fuel Shutdown Kits & Throttle Control Cable Kits
Trombetta's pre-packaged throttle control kits and fuel shutdown kits offer flexibility for your unique application.