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Pressure & Vacuum
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C3 Series: Centurion Configurable Controller
Communication Series Controllers
M2 Wireless™ Monitoring System
TTD Series Annunciators
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Compressors. Natural gas or air. Reciprocating or screw type. Low or high speed. We design controls and complete control systems to fit every compressor application.

Components or complete systems. End devices, single instruments, fault annunciators, controllers, micro-controllers, PLC's and shut-down devices. We offer convenient replacements and upgrades for existing systems. Or we can design your new fully automatic system, giving you complete operational control.

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C3 Series: Centurion Configurable Controller
The C3 Series Centurion Configurable Controller is a control and monitoring system designed primarily for engine driven compressor applications.
Communication Series Controllers
Communication Controllers with standard input/output, analog input/output and temperature sensing via MODBUS RTU; Harnesses; Patch Cables; Adapter Accessories.
M2 Wireless™ Monitoring System
The M2 Wireless™ Monitoring System is designed to replace expensive wiring and conduit that is part of outfitting a natural gas compressor system. The M2 Wireless™ Monitoring System typically consists of a Gateway, Digital Remotes and Thermocouple remotes, providing the ability to remove a significant number of wire connections.
TTD Series Annunciators
The TTD Series configurable annunciators feature a built-in power supply, hourmeter and optional tachometer. Models are powered by 90-350 VDC negative ground CD ignitions, as well as 10-32 VDC systems.