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The IntelliSpark® product line, formerly known as Murphy Power Ignition (MPI), maximizes the power of industrial spark-ignited natural gas-powered engines while providing a more cost-efficient, emission-controlled operation.

These advanced microprocessor-based ignition controllers, ignition coils, output harnesses, and brushless alternators give operators more information, control and authority over their engine and driver applications.


IntelliSpark® Ignition Controller System


The IntelliSpark® 32/16/8 Series Ignition Controller Systems are capacitive discharge, low-tension-type designs. The systems are capable of generating precise spark timing that improves fuel economy, load balance and ignition stability.

This system includes the Murphy PV-450 full-color screen, featuring a comprehensive eight-button display for control functions, monitoring, programming and diagnostic testing. There are five methods of crankshaft sensing for a 4-stroke engine and two methods for a 2-stroke engine.

•   Crankshaft-referenced 16-bit microprocessor based system
•   Patented Smart Coil™ technology
•   Automatic energy control
•   Two field-adjustable timing schedules
•   Optimized engine combustion and performance
•   True primary and secondary diagnostics

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601 CD Ignition System


The 601 is a self-powered Capacitor Discharge (CD) Ignition System which can be installed on any large flywheel, spark-ignited engine. With electronics engine-mounted in close proximity to the flywheel, the unit is powered by magnetic charging circuitry.

•   Reliable capacitor discharge circuitry
•   High-output, self-powered electromagnetic system
•   30,000 volt output at low rpm
•   Crankshaft-referenced timing
•   Dual trigger timing
•   One-cylinder applications
•   Control circuitry is sealed module
•   Self-powered, no external power required
•   No moving parts to wear out
•   More timing accuracy with flywheel mounting
•   Compatible with most large flywheel spark-ignited engines
•   Provides power for ignition-powered panels

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Brushless Alternators


Murphy Ignition Systems are optimized with power supplies utilizing Murphy high-quality brushless alternators. Designed for long-lasting durability with no moving electrical components, these devices are field proven for all industrial applications and are certified for hazardous duty locations.

Murphy's brushless alternators, with bi-directional rotation, offer compact reliable power with exceptional bearing life, and are simple to inspect and maintain. 24-VDC, rated to 80 amp, 5,000 rpm. CSA approval rated to 60 amp, 3,600 rpm.

•   No brushes, no brush springs
•   One moving part, no moving electrical parts
•   One-piece bearing housing, 4.5 or 9.5 inch brackets available
•   Permanent bearing alignment
•   Oversize lubrication reservoir
•   Glass Filled TFE Fluorocarbon Seal (Teflon)
•   Air-cooled 7.3” diameter advanced design

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Ignition Coils


Murphy's Smart Coil™ instruments are patented, and are used with IntelliSpark® Control Technology to provide real time diagnostics and prognostics. The ignition coil is one of the most critical components of any ignition system. When properly matched to the ignition controller’s output, the ignition coil ensures optimum performance and reliability.

All Murphy coils are manufactured with durable, high quality construction, and many are direct replacements for Altronic coils.

•   Open Mount, Flange Mount, Integral Plug Mount and Remote Mount designs
•   Compatible with CD ignition systems for industrial engines
•   Multi-purpose designs to fit wide range of applications
•   Accurate monitoring of engine conditions

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