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Trombetta's S500-A50 electronic control is a special module designed to enhance solenoid performance by increasing force capability and reducing operating temperature. Electronic controls for solenoids regulate the magnitude of electrical drive applied to the coil during the pull-in and/or hold operation of the solenoid to optimize performance of the solenoid. Some applications require a high force capacity in a relatively small package. In order to achieve this solution, solenoids typically have been designed with a two section coil: a "high-current pull-in coil" and a "low-current, continuous duty hold-in coil". This solution required that the "high-current pull-in coil" be electrically disconnected once the solenoid had pulled in and only the "low-current hold-in coil" be left energized. With the S500-A50 module it is not necessary to disconnect the "high current pull-in coil" after the solenoid has pulled in. The module has been designed to work properly with either a two-section coil or a one-section coil, in the following manner: When power is applied to the module it applies full voltage to the solenoid coil or coils. After the actuation time the module reduces the output voltage to the solenoid to 13% - 16% of the input voltage for continuous duty. This reduced voltage level is applied to the coil or coils until the power is removed. The flexibility to operate with either two-section or one-section coils allows the module to be used as a replacement for older relay style modules. The S500-A50 Module allows you to incorporate single or dual winding solenoids into your applications. The module accepts your 2-wire or 3-wire switched input (12V or 24V), and applies this input to the solenoid. The module does not require an additional contactor for 24V applications. The S500-A50 may be used in 12 volt and 24 volt applications. In a 12 volt application, the max load current is 80 and the max power load is 1000 watts. In a 24 volt application, the max load current is 40 and the max power load is 1000 watts. This model handles an 8.5-32 volt input range, and has an actuation time of 0.5 seconds; 6 cycles per minute for one minute maximum cycle rate; reverse polarity protection if properly fused; stainless steel terminal screws and tin plated brass terminals maintain contact integrity in harsh environments. Electronic Controls BrochureSales Bulletin: S500-A50Instruction Sheet: S500-A50Dimensions & Wiring Diagrams: S500-A50


For California customers: Prop 65 WARNING: This product may have been manufactured with or uses components that can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov.


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