MurCal Engine Controls, Panels, and Time Switches

MurCal’s engine controls, panels, and time switches help farm, municipal water, oil field, and factory operators cut emissions, save on fuel consumption, and keep production running when they are not there. Keeping agricultural, municipal, OEM, and oil field engines operating at maximum efficiency for as long as possible remains MurCal’s primary mission.

Our rugged and reliable products are always in stock to ensure you most often get them in two days or less. We want supply chain issues to be the least of your worries. Because you need a complete solution for your application, Murcal also distributes Trombetta, Enovation, FW Murphy, Denso and more products from the world’s top manufacturers. We also provide the one-on-one product-selection guidance to implement these solutions and get you back up fast. Reach out today!



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Select up to 4 items to compare.