Who We Serve

We assist individuals working in demanding industries by lightening their workload. Our services are sought after because we simplify their tasks, providing solutions tailored to their needs.

Our primary clientele relies on powered machinery, and we excel in delivering solutions that facilitate equipment control, problem diagnosis, and performance monitoring. We cater to various sectors, including Industrial, Agricultural, Municipal, and OEM Industries, acting as a Value Added distributor for products used in Engine and Electric motor applications.

Our objective is to streamline your work processes by providing the necessary tools and support. If you cannot find what you need on our website, please don't hesitate to inquire, and we will make every effort to fulfill your requirements.

Our website serves as a platform for sales and support, offering comprehensive information. We have established partnerships with reputable manufacturers to offer a comprehensive solution for your control and monitoring needs. Founded in 1958, MurCal remains your premier destination for industrial automation, control, and instrumentation.

Explore our site to discover how MurCal can address your alarm, annunciation, or control challenges.