Electrodyne Heavy Duty Brushless Alternators

Electrodyne®’s brushless alternator endurance surpasses all competitors. These alternators have been proven to reach 20,000 hours (8 to 10 years) and 1,000,000 miles without service or burn outs. Equipment operators enjoy the lowest cost per hour or mile of any alternator in the industry. Electrodyne’s generous extended warranties reflect their confidence in their engineering.

Today’s quality-driven bus and truck manufacturers, and professionals in construction-mining, oil-gas, emergency vehicle, ambulance-fire truck, marine, and railroad industries consider these brushless alternators an investment in reliability and longevity. They know they would use just one Electrodyne alternator in the same time period that two or three from another brand would burn out.

As a long-time, responsive Electrodyne distributor, Murcal provides the one-on-one product-selection guidance for manufacturers and equipment operators. Reach out today!


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Select up to 4 items to compare.