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There are a lot of companies that you can work with when it comes to industrial equipment. Each of these companies offers a different experience. Some are really big and slow moving while others are small but lack the resources to really support you. MurCal is a well established company that prides itself on having over 60 years of experience in industrial markets. We have the inventory you need, a decent sized engineering staff with years of experience working with your types of applications. We would love to show you how the MurCal experience is different.

When It Counts

Your business is important, but so is your personal and family time. As a third generation family-owned business, we understand the need to tip the scales in favor of your family and quality down-time. We are here to help when it matters most. From answering price and availability questions to troubleshooting a critical “engine down” situation, we aim to take the load off and bring you peace of mind.

MurCal believes in “efficiency through technology”, using automation and remote monitoring. Automation is the use of various control systems for operating stationary internal combustion engines with minimal or reduced human intervention. The ability to monitor your equipment from a remote location allows for increased productivity and more efficient use of your equipment investment.

Dependable Service

Our hands-on approach to customer service involves accurately addressing a customer’s needs to deliver a solution. The MurCal team believes in a "one call, problem solved" methodology, with the understanding that the first call you make is very important. It gives us the opportunity to provide you with quality technical support. We understand that a positive customer experience is a key driver to loyalty and repeat business, and we look forward to helping you succeed.

Sales & Consulting

Our goal is to listen to you and understand what areas are making your day harder than it should be when it comes to instrumentation, control, and monitoring of your powered equipment. Whether you are an end-user or an OEM, we are here to help provide a complete solution that addresses these issues. We will customize existing products, invent new ones, and kit them in a way that works best for your operation.

We draw on our experience to suggest solutions but we are learners at heart and we know that you know your application best. As a team, we work toward elegant and economical solutions.


Engineering is in our DNA. From our founder, Art Murphy, who had multiple patents on SWICHGAGE instruments to our current engineering team, MurCal has always been excited about the next engineering challenge. We pride ourselves on taking the requirements generated through the sales process and turning them into solutions for you. We frequently send our engineers to customer sites to better understand the application and save the back and forth often seen from email and phone call development processes.


MurCal has tens of thousands of square feet of production space. We build custom control panels, wire harnesses, and custom pressure hoses in our Palmdale, California facility. We have dedicated space for product testing, repair, and programming. Many of the products we resell are programmed with generic configurations that will not work for you. We configure these items to your specifications prior to shipping them so that you can save time during your manufacturing process. We also assemble specialized kits in this facility.

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Back in 1958, Art Murphy opened the doors of Murphy Safety Switch of California in Los Alamitos, California. His goal was to distribute the entire line of FW Murphy safety switches, control panels, and automation devices to the oil and irrigation operations in the growing customer base throughout the entire seven-state West Coast area. Today, MurCal is much more than that. Our rich history of innovation in industrial engine controls has expanded our abilities beyond just selling products. We've grown to be a total package provider from start to finish. Follow the link below for more information on how our history has shaped us to be a better partner for your engine control solutions, no matter what industry you are in.

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