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Inside Sales

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In order to provide you with the best service possible and to expedite all product repairs and warranty claims, please note that being ready with any information below will help us out and get you what you need more quickly.

Return Authorization Number

A Return Authorization Number (RA#) is required prior to all product returns. Contact MurCal’s Inside Sales Department to receive a Return Authorization Number.

Complaint / Request Details

Product return requests require a detailed explanation of the problem or complaint in order to receive a Return Authorization Number. Your detailed explanation will help the manufacturer’s repair department diagnose the problem faster and more efficiently. This step is required for both warranty and non-warranty repairs.

Evaluation Fee

An Evaluation Fee will apply to non-warranty product inspections. This fee may be applied toward repaired or replaced units. We will advise you of this fee and its application when you request the Return Authorization Number.


Some products may not be repairable because of design, cost to repair compared with cost to replace, and other factors. We will advise you when your request for a Return Authorization Number is received.

MurCal Inc. Limited Warranty

MurCal supplied products are warranted to be of good quality materials and workmanship. As with any monitoring or control system, the purchase, installation and use of MurCal supplied control instruments and other MurCal systems is NOT AN INSURANCE POLICY. You have purchased dependable instrumentation, and with normal care, it will provide long and faithful service and enhance the preventive maintenance program on your valuable equipment.

MurCal Manufactured Products

MurCal warrants all MurCal manufactured products that it determines to be defective in materials and/or workmanship, under normal use, for a period of TWO years, unless otherwise stated.

Non-MurCal Manufactured Products

When MurCal supplies product(s) manufactured by others, the warranty extended to MurCal will be passed through to the MurCal customer. During the warranty period, at its sole option, MurCal will use reasonable efforts to repair or replace any defective product; provided, however, that the customer has returned the defective product to MurCal, shipping costs prepaid. Any repair or replacement, at MurCal’s option, shall be the customer’s sole and exclusive remedy. We are not responsible for damage caused by improper installation, neglect or abuse and are limited under warranty to repairing or replacing the item only. We are not liable for equipment on which this product is installed.

Warranty Disclaimer

MurCal shall have no liability for, and expressly disclaims any warranty or affirmation of fact, express or implied, other than as set forth in this warranty statement, including, without limitation (1) the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose; (2) any warranty or affirmation of fact related to misuse, improper selection, recommendation, or misapplication of any product; and (3) any warranty or affirmation of fact that the fatalogs, literature and websites it provides accurately illustrate and describe products.

Product Return

Before returning any product the customer believes is defective, the customer must provide to MurCal details of the warranty claim situation, a complete description of the product, details from the Model Number label attached to each product, including Model Number, Part Number and Date Code and obtain from MurCal a Return Authorization Number (RA Number). Any claim for shortage or damage to shipment must be accompanied by the packing slip within 15 days of receipt or invoice date, whichever is later. Damages in shipment are the responsibility of the carrier, and the customer must make a claim directly with the carrier.

Limitation of Liability

Any Liability for consequential, incidental, special exemplary or punitive damages is expressly disclaimed. MurCa's liability in all events shall not exceed the purchase price paid for the product that gives rise to any liability. MurCal's repair, replacement, or payment of such amount shall be the final and exclusive remedy in the exhaustion or unavailability of any other remedy specified herein and shall not be construed or alleged by the customer to have failed or its essential purpose. The liability of the company shall cease with the expiration of the warranty period mentioned above