Denso GT3-1 Industrial Ultimate Performance Iridium Saver-Performer (6124)

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Denso GT3-1 Industrial Ultimate Performance Iridium Saver-Performer (6124)

The GT3-1 Industrial Ultimate Performance Iridium Saver-Performer spark plug reduces maintenance costs by extending work life in high compression lean burn engines.
This unique design guarantees high reliability for withstanding high combustion pressure by incorporating a stress resistant monolithic resistor that adheres to the resistor glass in the high temperature furnace. The Iridium Saver-Performer's cross groove design on the center electrode (creating four small electrodes) improves sparking performance and suppresses dispersion in voltage value, for an outstanding decrease in required voltage.

Specific details of this model include:

Thread Size: 18mm x 1.5
Reach: 13.8mm (0.543")
Hex Size: 22.2mm (7/8")
Gap: 0.3mm (.012")
100% Pre-Fired: All Denso spark plugs are 100% pre-fired to assure the highest quality possible.
Copper-Glass Seal: Bonds the center electrode and insulator together for a gas-tight seal. Maintains proper heat and excludes hot combustion gases.
Purified Alumina Powder Insulator: Provides exceptional dielectric strength and thermal conductivity allowing the material to stand up to extreme stress.
Solid terminal nut.
Platinum-alloy tipped fine wire ground electrode, with a platinum pad on the ground electrode and an Iridium pad with cross grooves on the center electrode.

The Denso GT3-1 Industrial Ultimate Performance Iridium Saver-Performer works in the following engine applications:

CASE: A284, A377, 159G Natural & LP Gas, 188G, 301G, 377G Natural & LP Gas COOPER-BESSEMER: ENG, GNG, GDJ, GMA, GMB, GMC w/G402 Reducing Bushing, GDT, GFB, GFE, GFK w/G402 Reducing Bushing
DORMAN: 6PG, 12PG, 12S, 12SG, 12STCWG, 12STCAG
FAIRBANKS MORSE: 38D8-1/8 Series
JOHN DEERE: 400, 500 Series Natural & LP Gas
M.E.P. INDUSTRIES: M.E.P.-6, -8, -10, -12
MINNEAPOLIS - MOLINE: NATURAL & LP GAS: 206-4A, 220-4, HD220-4A, M220-A4A, 283-4A, HD504-6A, 336A-4A, HD425-6A, HD504A-6A, 605A-6A, 605B-6A, HD605-6A, HD800-6A, HD800A-6A, 1210-12A
RATHBUN JONES: Models w/G-402 Reducing Bushing
ROILINE: F1500, H2000, H2470 (Light Load); F1500, H2000, H2470 (Heavy Load); H540, H844, H570, H884; L3230, L3460, L4000 (Light Load); L3230, L3460, L4000 (Heavy Load); F1500, F1850, H2000, H2150, H2470, L3000, L3230, L3460, L4000
SUPERIOR: 1980-46 G510 Series, 1980-51 G825 Series, 1979-65 GT825 Series, 1980-79 GTL Series, 1980-61 GT510 Series, 1965-58 GX825 Series, 1980-76 SGT Series
WAUKESHA: AT Series: 8L-AT25GL / AT27GL (1/2" Reach Heads), 12V-AT25GL / AT27GL (1/2" Reach Heads) Intermediate Series: F1905GR VHP Series Inline 6: 2895GL (1/2" Reach Heads), 3521GL (1/2" Reach Heads), F2895G, F2895GSI, F3521G, F3521GSI VHP Series V-12: L5108G, L5108GSI, L5790G, L5790GSI, L7042G, L7042GSI, 5108GL (1/2" Reach Heads), 5790GL (1/2" Reach Heads), 7042GL (1/2" Reach Heads) VHP Series V-16: 9390G, P9390GSI, 9390GL (1/2" Reach Heads) VSG Series / 18mm Heads: F1197GRSI, F1905GRSI, Generator Set, F2894G, F2894GRSI, F3520G, L5100GR, L5788GRSI, L7040G, L5100GRSI, L5788GR, L7042GSIE, F3521GSIE, 6BZ, 6LRZ, 6LRZB, 6MZA, 6MZR, ICK, 6NK, 6WAK, 6WAKB, NKRB, WAKR, LRORB, 140GK, 145GK, FC, 180G, 180GB, 180GKB, 185GLB, 190G, 190GLB, 195G, 195GK


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