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TTD-H (50700597): Solid-State Fault Annunciator

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The TTD-H is a solid-state fault annunciator and shutdown control system designed to protect engines, compressors and their associated equipment. The TTD model will accept 48 sensor inputs from normally open and/or normally closed sensors. Each of the 48 inputs can be configured for Shutdown or Alarm Only. Any input can be locked out by one of the two Start-Run timers, or configured as Class C, ESD or Ignore. The annunciator provides for both closing of a fuel valve and grounding of an ignition after a time delay.

The TTD-H Display Head displays operational and configuration data. Configuration parameters are entered via keypad or download from MConfig software. The operator interface will accept digital inputs directly on the back of the unit. Power is provided to the Display Head via a direct Phoenix connector or a cable connecting to a remote mounted power supply (Murphy Part #: PSU-2-T [50700594] / not included). The display head contains the microprocessor, the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), the membrane keys for configuring the sensors inputs and the sensor input terminal blocks. The TTD liquid crystal display annunciates any fault from the sensor inputs, displays engine speed, and elapsed time. Other features for the TTD model are: built-in Test Mode to test the sensor circuits without shutting down, Pre-lubrication and Post-lubrication timers, and on-board backup battery to retain the fault display after shutdown on ignition powered units.

* Fully-configurable fault annunciator.
* Alarm and shutdown control system for engine-driven pumps and compressors.
* Monitors 48, user-configurable, sensor inputs from N.O. and/or N.C. sensors.
* User selectable templates provide ease of retrofit by selecting configuration of existing annunciators via display keypad or download from computer with Windows-based MConfig installed.
* Intuitive display icons to display status and assist in setup and operation result in greater ease of operation and interface.
* Serial communications port with selectable baud rates up to 38,400.
* CSA Class I, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups B, C, and D.
* Optional tachometer function with overspeed and underspeed protection using CD Ignition or magnetic pickup input.
* Optional prelube and postlube functionality.
* Optional lubricator No-Flow detection for up to 4 proximity switches.
* One display head is common to all configurations allowing fewer spare parts required to be maintained in the field.
* Internal monitoring of DC Supply, CD ignition, and internal battery voltage.

Sales Bulletin

Installation & Operations Manual

Display Head (NEMA) Instructions

PSU Supplemental


For California customers: Prop 65 WARNING: This product may have been manufactured with or uses components that can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov.


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