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Comparing Battery Chargers from our Best Partners

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July 7, 2022 at 12:50:19 PM PDT July 7, 2022 at 12:50:19 PM PDTth, July 7, 2022 at 12:50:19 PM PDT

Continuous supply of power is very crucial in any industry, as just a few minutes of power loss could result in considerable damage. Increasing technology innovation has created huge demand for battery chargers that can withstand the need. With the industries responding with a wide variety of choices, battery selection for DC power systems can be daunting and time consuming.

Here at MurCal we supply many different types of highly reliable battery chargers by our partners Enovation Controls, CRE and SENS. The question we get often is how do they differ?

Here’s the comparison in a nutshell:

(Good) The CRE battery chargers are inexpensive, reliable and have a small footprint.

These are typically used inside a control panel because of their small size. These all are DIN rail mount systems. Suitable for entry-level jobs and strong enough to handle them. We have had a lot of success with these.


(Better) Enovation Controls battery chargers have many styles and charge rates.

They range from small panel mount types to stand alone units. They are all enclosed, offer temperature compensation for longer battery life and have been the standard battery charger in CAT gensets for a long time. 


(Best) SENS battery chargers are available in an array of designs and capacities.

They are typically used for heavy duty, rugged environments. They are the industry standard for rugged, full-size chargers.

Now let's take a closer look:

CRE TECHNOLOGY’s Battery chargers are a reliable solution for generator set manufacturers, service and maintenance companies. CRE is a French company, and thanks to the European standard manufacturing experience, their range of products has many benefits such as the size is greatly reduced, always on the forefront of efficiency for all models, and it comes with a 3-year warranty. Their range of battery chargers are designed to supply constant voltage to the battery with a permanent connection and a maximum of efficiency. 

You may explore the CRE's Line of Battery Chargers Here: Battery Chargers | MurCal

Enovation Controls is an industry leader in switch mode power supply design, giving battery chargers that are compact and light, with high power efficiency and low heat dissipation. Theirs is a US-based engineering design and production and their range includes advanced features for safe, optimal charging and long battery life: multi-stage operation, low output ripple, AutoBoost, automatic temperature compensation, alarm outputs and remote RS485/CAN data connectivity/control.

You may explore the Enovation's Line of Battery Chargers Here: Industrial Battery chargers | Enovation Controls (murcal.com)

SENS Battery chargers also have a US-based engineering design and production. They are known for building the highest quality, most reliable, yet competitively priced products and they offer exceptional pre and post sales customer service. SENS has a lean production system enabling repeatable quality and industry‐leading on‐time deliveries. Their batteries operate at high frequency, switchmode technology that outperforms line frequency chargers in nearly every way – including dynamic response, size, weight, noise, energy efficiency, and standards compliance. 

Employing design practices borrowed from the aerospace sector, SENS’ switch-mode chargers are specially hardened for use in industrial environments. This enables them to deliver the expected switch-mode technology benefits — small size, light weight, noise-free operation and pure DC output — without sacrificing the durability and toughness that industrial users expect of stationary chargers. SENS designed its MicroGenius family of switch-mode battery chargers to outlast competing switch-mode products and deliver reliability approaching that of SENS’ industry leading SCR battery chargers. 

You may explore the SENS's Line of Battery Chargers Here: Engine Start Battery Chargers | MurCal

To summarize, the main difference among the Battery Chargers between the 3 companies listed above varies based on their simplicity or ruggedness. Your needs dictate what will work best for your company’s requirements for battery chargers that will ultimately ensure optimal power, lifetime and reliability.


Whether you need industrial batteries for float (or standby) duty or deep cycling, you can find the right option at MurCal. Our experts pride themselves on providing one-on-one product selection guidance to Professionals in the Agriculture, Municipal water, OEM and Marine Industries.

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