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How MurCal Solidified Our Spot as a Reliable Partner in the Wind Machine Industry by Improving Manufacturing Efficiency

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September 27, 2021 at 5:21:24 AM PDT September 27, 2021 at 5:21:24 AM PDTth, September 27, 2021 at 5:21:24 AM PDT

Amarillo Gear Company transformed the production of wind machine gearboxes

Developed in Randall County, Texas, the Amarillo Gear Company has transformed gear drives worldwide. Since 1917, Amarillo Gear has assembled the world’s most extensive line of spiral bevel right-angle gear drives across multiple industries. From cooling towers to pumping applications, their products are an all-in-one solution.

Thanks to the widespread success of their wind machine gearboxes, the company continued to grow and they created their subsidiary, Amarillo Wind Machine LLC, in 1989.

Since its inception, combined with their R&D department and numerous dealers across the globe, Amarillo Wind has operated with high standards.

Being a leading wind machine company means always looking for ways to stay ahead of industry trends

Even with their continued success, Amarillo Wind challenged their team to push for improvement in efficiency.

The company began brainstorming and decided that their control equipment was in need of a modern makeover. Having partnered with MurCal for over 25 years, it was an obvious choice to upgrade from MurCal’s Murphy 117 Magnetic Switch and Swichgages to MurCal’s sleeker, more advanced interface options once they were available.

Ryan Boling, an employee at Amarillo Wind, reiterated they didn’t even consider potential alternatives. Their long-standing faith in MurCal’s products and team convinced them to adopt the new Murphy MPC-20: PowerCore Controller and Murphy 20P Pressure Swichgages. To complement those, they also invested in MurCal’s oil pressure and temperature gauges to embrace the new product launches.

Initially, their biggest concern was successfully configuring the MPC-20 to automatically turn machinery on and off. However, Boling described the transition as successful because of the MurCal team’s attentiveness.

How MurCal improved Amarillo Wind’s manufacturing process and helped enhance their reputation

“The process and transition to the MPC-20 have been a definite learning curve, but Kyle Bruneau has been there to help me through all of it,” praised Boling. He even went as far as to call Bruneau MurCal’s ‘greatest asset.’

When evaluating Amarillo Wind’s growth, he noted the upgrades simplified the manufacturing process. The MurCal team’s custom programming made the unit even more user-friendly. Boling explained these specifications streamlined the process and allowed the team to use the product in exact ways. Customers liked the simplicity too, which attracted further business.

He elaborated there “is not anything out there that compares to the MPC-20 for what you’re doing with it, and we’ve had very few issues. It’s one of the better units out there for its purpose.” He even joked that Amarillo Wind enjoys having the MPC-20 to themselves without other manufacturers knowing about it.

Looking back on the experience, Boling remarked the confidence built over the years has been the foundation of MurCal and Amarillo Wind’s longevity.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has created unforeseeable obstacles, he is excited to see how they’ll continue to support each other.

Researching the best partner for engine and control solutions is a good business investment

Whether you’re in the business of wind machines, agriculture, the municipal industry, or any other sector that requires powered and automated engines - who you partner with to provide your control solutions and expertise matters. Sure, it can seem daunting to know where to start looking - especially if you’ve had a ‘go-to’ provider for years or even decades. But just because you already have systems in place, doesn’t mean they’re necessarily the best for your business.

Taking the time to do so will not only benefit your product quality and day-to-day workflow efficiencies, but also your bottom line and peace of mind.

As evidenced by our satisfied partner Amarillo Wind Machines, MurCal can do just that. Our team can create custom solutions to help control, diagnose, and monitor your mission-critical equipment. From engineering, development, production, wire-harnessing, to user interface design and experience.

Our tagline, “One call, problem solved” means the first call you make is the most important. It gives us the opportunity to provide you with hands-on quality technical support to resolve or create a solution for your needs immediately. When you’re looking for a time and cost-saving solution, MurCal can deliver. Learn more about our services and product development process by contacting us here.