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MurCal has been designing and manufacturing internal harnesses since its inception in 1958 for our gages and panels and we have been working with companies to streamline and modernize their operations and equipment ever since. 

In 2016 we started working exclusively with a company that required a great deal of specific harnesses for their equipment and our technicians have been solving problems with them and other companies on a regular basis. 

The process starts with one of our six Application Engineers. They take a look at what the company has at the moment, they reverse engineer their wiring, improve on it, and create the schematics for the various harnesses taking into consideration the customers’ requirements which are then passed over to our manufacturing crew. 

This Schematic drawings can take a couple of days or less to create for simple ones, and up to a couple of weeks for very complicated ones. Initially, engineers must understand the purpose of a harness, which connections are required, why and how they are needed, and what components are necessary, such as what kind of wires, gages, and pins are needed, taking into account, for example, that the signal needs to be protected from magnetic fields. As part of the research process, inventories are checked, and at the end of schematic design, final testing is performed to ensure that the final product will work as expected.

MurCal’s production team then gets to work making the harnesses and they adhere to a specific set of protocols to ensure quality and accuracy. There are checklists to follow for pre-production, such as having a clean workstation and verifying the most current schematic (drawing); during production, such as visually inspecting the product after each step and double checking all the parts while working on them; and post production, such as inspecting the final product for damage or variations, pull test all connectors and test all connections point to point. Then and only then the final product is ready for shipment.

Our Production Department not only makes harnesses but also various Municipal Control Panels which require harnesses and wires inside to work. MurCal’s custom harnesses make connecting to our engine controllers truly plug and play. 

When not building OEM specific products, we are focused on engine harnesses that are not available from our partner Enovation Controls, mainly Tier 4 and stage V harnesses. These solutions include brackets, relays, fuses panels. Several of our designs are approved solutions for engine OEMs and they recommend them to their distributors.

Dana, our Production Manager, says that a regular harness takes about a day and a half to make while the more complicated ones may take a week as they have a lot of connections, a lot of various wires, several branches etc. Shipping on time is their goal and the team gets a lot of satisfaction from that. He further states that at the moment the Manufacturing Department is growing and the new people have had such positive results that the orders have increased and they can see hiring more in the near future. Manufacturing Harnesses requires precision work. The quality and reliability of our products is our team's priority every day. 

We are in the process of populating this section of the store with all our offering, but quite a few of our harnesses are custom-made.

While a wire harness doesn’t have the same glamor and appeal that a color display or cutting-edge controller has, they are a very important part of any integrated solution. What pain points do you run across when trying to integrate instrumentation, displays, and controls to your industrial equipment?

Have a harness headache? We can help! 

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