MurCal’s J1939 CAN Throttle Control Knob

Plug & Play Solution with Four Programmable Settings

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J1939 enthusiasts were missing one thing: the look and feel of a traditional throttle knob!

The CT-327 CAN Throttle Knob for J1939 engines provides the look and feel of a traditional throttle knob. A rugged, IP67-rated controller with a watertight, plug and play connector.

With four programmable settings, you can customize your engine’s functions to fit your specific needs and streamline your workflow with ease - just set your parameters and go! 

MurCal’s CT-327 CAN Throttle Knob for J1939 engines lets automotive, agricultural, marine and off-road vehicle operators use push-button and rotational clicking ease to bump speed, idle, and ramp to minimum and maximum speeds. It’s a plug-and-play solution with 4 programmable settings.


Although always dedicated to high-quality, MurCal engineers know when to throw a little fun into their designs, too!


Easy-to-use settings are configurable through the CT Series unit, and include:

• Engine Manufacturer

• TSC Address

• Minimum Speed

• Maximum Speed

• Ramp Rate

• Bump Speed

• RPM per Rotation


Clockwise rotation to increase speed and counterclockwise rotation to decrease speed. Each “click” of the knob changes speed by the selected BUMP SPEED. Built-in PRESS-TO-IDLE allows the operator to push down on the knob for immediate reduction of speed to selected MINIMUM SPEED.


Two configurable digital inputs are available to integrate throttle operation with equipment requirements. A partial list of standard digital input settings include:

• Ramp to Minimum Speed

• Ramp to Maximum Speed

• Ramp Up

• Ramp Down

• Knob Off

• Knob On


Configuration of digital input settings requires additional programming, or a factory pre-set.



Provides the Look and Feel of a Traditional Throttle Knob 

J1939 CANbus 

IP67 Rated Enclosure 

Deutsch DT Series Connectors 

Two Configurable Digital Inputs (N/O or N/C) 

5.5VDC to 36VDC Operating Voltage 

Reverse Polarity Protection, Transient Voltage Protection, and Load Dump Protection 

Settings are User Configurable



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