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CRE TECHNOLOGY is an ISO 9001-certified French manufacturer founded in 1980, based in Sophia Antipolis. 

Sophia Antipolis is a large technology park in southeastern France not far from Nice, and as of 2021 home to 2,500 companies. The park is known to be Europe's first science and technology hub.

For over 30 years, CRE TECHNOLOGY has provided the engine and genset industry with standard products and dedicated solutions for engine control, genset protection and paralleling. 

Providing power-related solutions for all industrial, marine and defense applications, CRE TECHNOLOGY is a market leader.


Today we’d like to showcase 4 products by CRE, three Gensys Models and one Gensys 2.0 Model.

GENSYS Compact Mains II HMI (A56-MAINS-00-B) 

All-In-One Generator Controller And Mains Paralleling Unit 


The GENSYS Compact Mains generator controller is designed for standby applications and is primarily used on standalone gensets in mains paralleling applications. This new generation of controller is easy to use and benefits from years of CRE Technology experience in permanent paralleling, automatic mains failure detection or no break transfers. It’s able to manage diesel or gas engine start and stop sequences, as well as interfacing with auto-start controllers and ECUs, using I/Os or the J1939 CANbus protocol.


This is a fully compatible module with speed governors, automatic voltage regulators (AVR’s) and J1939 communication with electronic engines. It offers isolated speed and AVR outputs along with three (3) isolated communication ports: two (2) for CANbus, and one (1) for Ethernet. Necessary functions include:


   • Manual or automatic generator control

   • Automatic start/stop depending on mains failure or external request

   • kW peak shaving or kW base load mains paralleling with PF control

   • Automatic frequency & phase synchronization (differential frequency meter + synchroscope)

   • Engine parameters: oil pressure, water temperature, speed, and hour meter


The Compact Mains is available in both switchboard panel mounted versions with display, or core base mounted versions. It’s also compatible with the i4GEN touchscreen color display.

This model is configurable from its front panel display, from i4GEN, or through the free CRE software. It offers flexibility and time savings thanks to its simple wiring, full feature set, thoughtful engineering and easy programming.


GENSYS Compact Prime II HMI (A56-PRIME-00-B) 

All-In-One Synchronizing And Paralleling Generator Controller


The GENSYS Compact Prime is designed primarily for gensets used in power plant applications that require synchronization, active and reactive load sharing and electrical/mechanical protections. It offers flexibility and time savings thanks to its simple wiring, full feature set, thoughtful engineering and easy programming.


The Compact Prime is available in both a switchboard panel mounted version with display, or a core base mounted version. It’s also compatible with the i4GEN touchscreen color display. This model is configurable from its front panel display, from i4GEN, or through the free CRE software.

This paralleling controller offers complete engine control of your diesel, gasoline or natural gas gensets, which includes preheating, pre-glow, ignition and start/stop functions. Warmup and cool down can occur at idle or nominal speed. You also have capabilities for alternative or consecutive multiple starter management. Best yet, the Contact Prime is compatible with all J1939 electronic engines.


AMF Compact CORE (A56-AMF-00-A) 

Automatic Mains Failure Generator Controller - CORE Version

The AMF Compact Core is dedicated to a large variety of standby diesel or gas gensets, offering an automatic management of transfer switch on mains failure, as well as monitoring, control and protection of engine, alternator and power bus bars. The controller offers flexibility and time savings due to its simple wiring, diverse feature set, thoughtful engineering and easy programming.


This model of the AMF Compact is a Core base mounted version. It is compatible with the i4GEN touchscreen color display. The unit is configurable from a remote touchscreen, or through CRE’s free software.


Check out the entire line here


Gensys 2.0 Genset Controller With Integrated PLC

Gensys 2.0 is an all-in-one genset control and paralleling unit with integrated PLC, designed for generator electrical panels.


Programming By Equations

The 2.0 controller is a real PLC unit where equations and sequences can be programmed directly by the user with text editor software or Easy PLC software.


Inputs / Outputs With No Limits

The number of inputs/outputs that can be added is one of the most important on the market. Extension modules (DIN rail mounting) can be added on the CAN bus. This extends a large number and a large diversity of inputs/outputs up to 128 digital inputs, 64 digital outputs, 44 analog inputs, 32 analog outputs and CANopen standard module.


Minimum Options

The Gensys 2.0 is offered with a minimum of options to fit all types of application without expensive add-on packages. The standard Gensys 2.0 unit is recommended for all types of power plant, from 1 to 32 generators.


For specific needs, the following options are available:

• Mains paralleling

• Phase shift compensation

• External start module management


Inter-Unit Isolated CANbus

The Gensys 2.0 features an isolated CANbus dedicated to inter-module communication (dead busbar management, static paralleling, kW and kVAR load sharing). CANbus technology provides high reliability communication while maintaining low wiring cost and complexity.


Check out the entire line here


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Our team has built custom panels with CRE Panels in the past like these above and below.

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MurCal can do custom configuration work on these displays! In addition to the hardware, MurCal also offers custom software to meet our customers unique needs. If you are in need of something special, reach out to us and we can see if we can help.

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