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We listen to our customers so that our engineers can make improvements to off the shelf solutions offered by our vendors. When we kept hearing that it was too difficult to log into the controller to change irrigation settings when a rental pump was moved to a new location, or a different crop was being irrigated we developed an elegant solution to a complex problem. By combining a TEC-10 controller from Enovation Controls, a 4-position keypad from Blink Marine, and a custom adapter harness built in our facility, we were able to give one of our rental pump manufacturers a competitive advantage over others that are just offering standard products.

The TEC-10 is an electronic controller which provides full control of your engine including auto start/stop, auto throttling and display of engine parameters along with critical faults from the engine/application. To that our team added the AgZone™4 keypad.

Using the AgZone™4, you can control watering for four zones on your irrigation system. It is suitable for different crops and their specific irrigation requirements. These include items like unique discharge pressure targets, distinct run times, and distinct warnings and shutdown parameters.

Way back in 1994, MurCal pioneered the easy-to-use “123” box for EMS controller models. As you can see from this photo from our paper file folder, it was a low tech solution using switches mounted in a metal panel box.

 Now, the AgZone™4 gives the same capabilities to the full line of Murphy PowerCore® engine control panels, including the TEC-10, ML1000 and ML2000-R2 models, with a simple firmware update by MurCal.

Earlier this year, one of our clients had a rental fleet with no AutoStart feature. The MurCal team stepped in with advice and equipment that enabled us to replace their outdated control panel with a new one, in this case the TEC-10. This gave them a new feature for their fleet. In addition, we also added the AgZone™4 to give them a feature that nobody in the market has. Moving from crop to crop is made easier with 4 pressure throttling set-points available.


The AgZone™4 has a user-friendly design with an Icon-Based Interface to Simplify your Agriculture Irrigation Operations. You can have, for example, this engine/pump combo at the corner of 2-4 fields, each field has a different sprinkler setup and each field needs a different run time and a different water pressure to operate properly. AgZone™4 allows you to easily switch parameters for four different crops. 

You can also Pre-set your Ag-Zone 4 to meet weather-related or seasonal needs.

You also have the ability to customize icons (minimum quantities and NRE may apply) and the Colored ring illumination can be easily programmed. Current & updated controller configuration is included.

When you’re looking for a time and cost-saving solution, MurCal can deliver. Learn more about our services and product development process by contacting us here.

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