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MPC-10 A Powerful, Configurable Controller for Mechanical and Electronic Engines

Murphy PowerCore® controllers were specifically developed to put flexibility, power and control at your fingertips.

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August 18, 2022 1:59:46 PM PDT August 18, 2022 1:59:46 PM PDTth, August 18, 2022 1:59:46 PM PDT

The Murphy PowerCore MPC-10 Controller is a general, all-purpose manual/auto start and manual/ auto throttling engine controller. This is a powerful controller that supports J1939 CAN protocols for electronically governed engines as well as I/O for mechanical engines for fault and safety shutdowns. 

The small footprint of the MPC-10 makes this controller ideal for snug areas or lower horsepower engines where size is a factor. This controller is perfect for rental applications where a large number of I/O is not essential, but engine monitoring and control is required. 

Main Features:

*Operates with 12VDC or 24VDC systems 

*Three Configurable Levels of Passcode Protection 

*Flexible Input Sensor Types For the Analog Inputs 

*Designed For All Weather Environments 

*Analog Inputs Can Be Used as Digital Ground Input

*Tier 4/Stage IIIB/IV Ready 

The MPC-10 boasts three levels of menu security which can easily be set with the configuration tool. While reprogrammable, the MPC-10 follows a standard operating sequence. This operating sequence is a set of 22 machine states that happen in a predetermined order. Machine states can be set to zero if not needed or adjusted to fit the application. The menu structure is incredibly versatile, with the ability to change many parameters and settings from the face without the need of a PC tool, if desired. 

The Application Configuration menu is where an operator will set up the controller’s Auto Start Functions and Auto Throttling Methods, if the intended use is an auto start and/or auto throttling controller. Depending on which application is chosen in the menu, there are certain autostart functions and auto throttling methods hidden that are not pertinent to the application chosen. This automatic hiding feature allows for a simpler, more intuitive controller menu in the MPC-10.

The different applications include the following: 

*Pump All Purpose 

*Air Compressor

*Hose Reel Irrigation

*Frost Protection


The MPC-10 controller is released utilizing Enovation Controls’ PowerVision Configuration Studio®. PowerVision allows engineering the ability to deliver quicker software updates with the flexibility of a software developer’s environment. The addition of PowerVision gives Enovation Controls the ability to provide a free-of-charge basic PC configuration program (PowerVision for Controllers) to all customers for changing default parameters within the controller. 



Q. What kinds of engines are PowerCore controllers compatible with?

A. PowerCore controllers are compatible with almost any mechanical engine out there. Electronic engines are completely different because, especially with Final Tier 4, every engine manufacturer has their own addresses within the ECU that have to be dealt with through proprietary messaging. We have an engine manufacturer menu in the PowerCore software, and there’s about 15 engines in there right now that we’re specifically compatible with. For example, if you choose Kubota in that menu, we’re able to provide that special messaging in the background so we can talk to that Kubota engine in a way that it understands what you want it to do.

Q: Is it Plug & Play?

      A: Yes, it is, but it needs to be configured to your engine’s specific application.

Q: Which Model is Best for my Application?

      A: There are 3 main models:

     1. MPC-10: MPC-10: PowerCore™ Controller (murcal.com)

Does not use 21 & 31 pins connectors. Uses Deutsch DT06-12 Series connectors.

     2. TEC-10: PowerCore® TEC-10 Panel (murcal.com)

Uses the 21 & 31 pin connectors, plus it is weather sealed.

     3. ML-1000: ML1000-4X: MurphyLink® Series Panel (murcal.com) 

Uses the 21 & 31 pin connectors plus it is “super” weather sealed using the NEMA 4X Enclosure.

Links to Literature:

Sales Bulletin 

Sales Flier 

Installation Instructions 

Operations Manual 

Wiring Instructions 

Magnetic Pickup Installation Instructions

Murphy’s entire PowerCore Controller series is manufactured to the highest quality standards in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Enovation Video Support Page

Clicking on this link will take you away from the MurCal website and present a page in the Murphy by Enovation Controls website that introduces the “PowerCore Series Video Guides”, presented by Richard Lund, Enovation Controls Application Engineer.

Richard walks you through the configuration process using the controller’s menu. The page also provides additional resources to assist setup.

The Video Support Series includes: 

“Getting to Know PowerCore” - a ten (10) video series

“MPC-20-R1” - a five (5) video series



Links to specific products and accessories:

*40700494 MPC-10 Controller: MPC-10: PowerCore™ Controller (murcal.com)

*40051142 Panel Gasket IP66, MPC-10: MPC-10: IP66 Gasket (40051142) (murcal.com) 

*40000598 PowerCore 3X12 Position 3’ Conn Whip Harness (1m approx.): MPC-10 3-foot Conn Whip Harness (40000598) (murcal.com) 

*78000668 USB Programming Harness: 12" USB Programming Harness for the PowerView PV450 and PV750 (murcal.com)

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