MLC380 Panel MurphyLink® Series

A superior panel offering that includes the powerful, yet simple-to-configure PV380 display.

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The MurphyLink Series MLC380 Panel, engineered and built by Enovation Controls’ Industrial Panel Division, is a superior panel offering that includes the powerful, yet simple-to-configure PV380 display. 

This display is part of the Murphy PowerView® family and provides monitoring of Tier 4/Euro Stage 4 compliant electronic engines. The PV380 monitors multiple J1939 parameters and provides basic engine alarm/shut-down information. 

The MLC380 panel has the ability for the software to be fully configured from the front user interface. If the default parameters set by Enovation Controls are not the desired set points, the packager or operator has the ability to change these settings. The configuration tool also allows for the splash screen to incorporate a company logo when powered on. 

The flexibility of the MLC380 allows for the same panel to be used across many applications. This provides the operator familiarity with the display and panel in any application. The panel utilizes industry standard Deutsch connectors and is compatible for use on the simplest to the most advanced, fully electronic Tier 4 engines, when used with the correct Murphy Industrial Harness2 or John Deere OEM engine harnessing. This panel is available in a rugged powder-coated cold rolled steel enclosure that can be mounted on or near the engine. 


– Display: 3.8-inch (97 mm) QVGA monochrome transflective LCD; 320 x 240 pixels 

– Keys: 5 tactile push buttons

– LEDs: red, shutdown; amber, warning

– Start Type: Manual Start

– Throttle Type: Manual

The Panels are available in either 12 or 24 Volt Models and are part of a series of Murphy’s “Ready To Run” Panels. The Ready to Run Panels are engineered to manufacturers’ requirements and work out of the box with minimal set-up time. These panels put control at your fingertips allowing operators to monitor and change settings easily in the field.

These panels include:

PowerView® MLC380 12 V

PowerView® MLC380 24 V

PowerCore® TEC-10

PowerCore® ML1000

PowerCore® ML2000

The panels support the following:

Doosan Engines:

FT4 D10 - 4500

FT4 D10 - 4800

FT4 D18

FT4 D24

FT4 D34


Isuzu Engines:

FT4 4LE2



FT4 LPR Series 1000, 1100, 1300, 1500


Sales Bulletin for MLC380

Installation Instructions

Sales bulletin for “Ready to Run” Series


The Murphy by Enovation Controls brand represents over 80 years of reliable innovation for critical engine monitoring and control. 

The rich history of rugged and reliable Murphy products has evolved into state-of-the-art solutions found in applications ranging from construction equipment and pump applications to snowmobiles and ski boats.

Born from the need for simple, reliable engine protection, Murphy has out-paced the industry as an early leader in J1939 CAN technology with market-leading display, controller and instrumentation products.

MurCal is an Authorized Distributor of Murphy by Enovation products.

MurCal provides experienced application and product support, before and after the sale.


Click Below to see the MLC380s in our store!

PowerView® MLC380 12 V

PowerView® MLC380 24 V


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MurCal can do custom configuration work on these displays! In addition to the hardware, MurCal also offers custom software to meet our customers unique needs. If you are in need of something special, reach out to us and we can see if we can help.

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