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Enovation’s PowerView® displays with MurCal’s SmartCommand™

A match made in Engine Heaven!

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January 20, 2023 11:58:53 AM PST January 20, 2023 11:58:53 AM PSTth, January 20, 2023 11:58:53 AM PST

By combining Enovation’s PowerView® displays with our proprietary SmartCommand™ software configuration package, you have the ability to customize the critical information needed to accurately monitor your engine’s performance straight out-of-the-box for display and monitoring of industrial, on-highway and marine engines. 

Your engine monitoring needs aren't standard, nor should your interface be standard. SmartCommand™ configurable gauges lets you choose exactly how to monitor your engine. With 11 configurable data points on the main gauge cluster and two additional pages each with 6 configurable gauges you can truly customize this display to what’s important to you.

The QuickAccess Menu lets you access the features you use more regularly faster and when things go wrong SmartCommand™ warning and error messaging system makes sure you know there’s something you need to look at. A Full Keyboard makes your editing easier.

We gathered feedback from our clients regarding challenges they have faced integrating PowerView® displays with their engine control projects. Our response was to develop a software that focused on four key elements: 

- A software solution that is affordable and easy to understand. 

- A smart design that offers simple, yet flexible, configuration options. 

- A way to avoid customized programming that can be costly and difficult to comprehend. 

- A helpful, easy to use Set-Up Wizard that walks you through a series of configuration screens to connect your engine to your new control display in minutes. 

SmartCommand™ is the most powerful and affordable solution for the customization of the Enovation PowerView® displays available on the market today. An interface design, paired with a full-color display, that utilizes thoughtful screen layouts and eye-catching color schemes to clearly organize engine information and make errors or warnings visible during operation. Simply unpack the box, mount, connect, configure, and enjoy!

What do our Customers Say?

Our customers love the fact that they are plug and play, they can take them out of the box and use them. Here’s a few testimonials!

The PV500 has become our staple for repower engines because it is so versatile, we can use it for every platform that we offer. It’s a value-added product so the customers feel they are getting something upgraded from the standard.

MurCal has gone the extra mile to allow us to stretch the versatility of the PV500 made it possible to use with the products we use today.

~Todd Loughney Sales Engineer Smith Power Products

We’ve always used a version of a Murphy product, but we couldn't run the PV101 anymore with the new engine platforms so when we went to the PV500-MC, the display is a lot better, it’s a lot more professional and it’s easier to program. Makes it for an easy install, an easy program and we haven’t had any problems since. 

We use the PV500-MC for the Mercedes off-highway engines & new FPT product Line Tier 4 Final, Stage 5

~Smith Power Products Employee


What PowerView® displays currently have SmartCommand™?

Currently we have the following:


A Powerful, Affordable, and Configurable Solution.

Nominated for "Digital Technology of the Year 2022" by Diesel Progress


PV500 Mounting Kit (78051705)

PV500-MC 6" RAM Mount Kit (7819049-RAM)



MurCal PV500-MC Display with SmartCommand™ Sales Bulletin

MurCal PV500-MC Display with SmartCommand™ User Guide




HV1000 To PV700 Display Conversion Kit (6522032kit)

Pv700 30Ft Whip Harness (65210123)

PV700 Mounting Kit (78051451)



MurCal PV700-MC Display with SmartCommand™ Sales Bulletin






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