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Trombetta: A trusted worldwide leader in the Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing Industry

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Founded in 1932 by Panfilo Trombetta and headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Trombetta is a trusted provider of function-critical electromechanical and electronic products for a broad group of blue-chip, non-automotive original equipment customers across medium/heavy trucks/RV, recreational vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural, lawn and garden, mobile hydraulics, power sports, electric vehicles and marine.

Panfilo Trombetta was born in 1889 in Introdacqua, Aquila, Abruzzo, Italia. He immigrated to the United States in 1909 and resided in Columbus, Ohio. There he attended Ohio State University and graduated with a degree in Electronic Engineering. In 1932 he founded "Solenoid Trombetta Company” in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and he revolutionized the electronic, mechanical and agricultural industries. 

Mr. Trombetta spoke four languages perfectly and was instrumental in designing the first commercial line of industrial work solenoids for General Electric and held several patents for these devices. The company prospered and out grew its facilities and moved several times over the next 30 years. Following the death of Panfilo in 1962, his son, Guido Trombetta assumed control of the company and was at the helm until 1978 when he died in a personal plane crash. The company was then purchased by other world-class leaders in the field which maintained its identity and worldwide reputation.


As a premier provider of direct current contactors, controller area network devices, voltage regulators and other power switching and power management products for mobile environments, Trombetta engineers high-reliability products that perform under the harshest conditions. The company operates globally, with additional facilities in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, Tijuana,Mexico and Wuxi, China.

Trombetta’s Products include DC contactors, CAN devices, digital switching systems, comm and power splitters, voltage regulators, industrial work solenoids, and various electronic controls. Rugged designs meet the demands of extreme operating temperatures, humidity, exposure to splash and spray of contaminants as well as shock and vibration.

MurCal & Trombetta 

MurCal has partnered with Trombetta’s over 20 years ago and their innovative engineering has consistently resulted in increased equipment performance for our hard-working municipal, manufacturing, oil field, and agricultural customers. Trombetta is increasingly active in electric vehicle applications within these markets helping our customers meet their market demands for innovative technology.

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Trombetta Industrial DC Contactors 

Trombetta designs and manufactures the world’s leading industrial DC contactors for motors. Trombetta’s DC contactors range from 10 A to 1000 A, and up to 48 VDC. These contactors are designed for demanding environments including high shock vibration applications and high temperatures of up to 85 degrees C. We can customize Trombetta’s standard DC contactor designs to meet your exact specifications, including unique coil operation and mounting bracket configuration. Our customers use Trombetta DC contactors as components in new systems or as OEM replacement parts in existing systems.

The Bear DC Contactor Family is a proven and cost-effective DC contactor series with a strong construction and high current carrying capabilities. Bear contactors are typically used in electric vehicles, large equipment main power relay, and battery management and emergency starting.

Today we would like to highlight the 48 Volt DC Contactor (114-4811-020)

Bear Family: 48 Volt DC Contactor, (2) Non-Grounded 10-32 Studs, & (2) 5/16-24 Contact Studs; Continuous Duty; Silver Alloy Contacts, Flat-Bracket (114-4811-020) 

From the Bear DC Contactor Family, the 114-4811-020 earned the name the "Bear" because of its strong construction and high current carrying capability. While it is large in size, the Bear provides an economical solution to high current switching applications. 

Coil Terminals: Two (2) non-grounded 10-32 studs; Two (2) 5/16-24 contact studs

Flat Bracket Type, Standard Bracket Location

Duty Cycle: 100% Continuous

Contact Material: Silver Alloy

  1. Voltage: 48 Volts



Sales Bulletin: Bear Family

Installation Instructions: Bear Family

Bear Contactor Dimensional Drawing

Old Part Number Conversion Chart

How To Order This Part

Quality Trombetta Industrial Solenoids 

Industrial devices that require holding, locking, positioning, pinching, rotating, diverting, valve operation, and more depend on solenoids. This part is also integral to air and water flow equipment because it actuates valves. Most Trombetta industrial solenoid applications include mobile and stationary equipment, including lawn and garden equipment, compressors, generators, and construction equipment.

MurCal sends the right industrial solenoids to agricultural, manufacturing, municipal utility, oil field, and more operations - fast. Check your manufacturer’s guide or Contact us for help in determining which kind of solenoid you need.

The D600 family of industrial solenoids offers a proven electromechanical approach to complete a pull and hold function.

An integral cut-out switch for dual winding coils provides high energy, pulling performance while maintaining a low-powered continuous holding operation, without the need for additional accessories.

Applications that require two speed throttle controls such as diesel engines, scissor and boom lifts are perfect matches for the high force and continuous hold that these solenoids provide.

Today we would like to highlight the 12 Volt Dual Coil Pull Solenoid (D610-A1V12)

Trombetta D610-A1V12: 12 Volt Dual Coil Pull Solenoid

The Trombetta D610-A1V12 Solenoid contains an integral cut-out switch for controlling the dual winding coils allowing for high energy pull performance with cool, continuous holding control. This side-mount, 12-volt solenoid has no spring return and does not need any additional accessories.

The D610-A1V12 offers a proven and reliable electromechanical approach to complete a pull and hold function.


Sales Bulletin: D500/600

Installation Instructions: D500 & D600 Series "Internally Switched" Dual Coil Solenoids

D610 Series: Abbreviated Specifications & Dimensions

MurCal has been an Authorized Distributor of Trombetta products for a couple of decades, we provide application and product support, before and after the sale. Our in-house technical sales representatives have been trained by Trombetta and have the knowledge necessary to answer all of your questions. When you make an important purchase decision, be sure to consider the company that provides Trombetta's factory authorized sales and service. 

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