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Additional Module

For Use with CRE Battery Chargers

Combined with a CRE Technology charger, this Module offers advanced additional functions. It is mounted between the charger and the battery.

Capabilities Include:

•  DIN rail mounting
•  DC voltage protection by fuse
•  Shunt architecture
•  Analog output for current measurement
•  Analog output for voltage measurement

cre additional module


DC Voltage Protection by Fuse. The Value of the Fuse is:
•  20A for A80Z0 (yellow fuse)
•  30A for A80Z1 (green fuse)

An Integrated Diode on the DC Output Provides:
•  Protection against polarity reversal
•  Protection against flow of the engine charge alternator into the battery charger
•  Protection against battery leakage currents through the charger when it is not supplied with AC voltage

A Rated 0-100mV Output of the DC Current Supplied by the Charger:
•  0-100mV corresponds to 25A for reference A80Z0
•  0-100mV corresponds to 50A for reference A80Z1
•  V out current (c+/c-): 0.004 x 1 in

A Rated 0-10V Output of the DC Voltage Supplied by the Charger:
•  0-10V corresponds to 24VDC for the 2 references A80Z0 / A80Z1
•  V out (V+/V-): 0.231 x Wine

•  2 terminals (Input +/-) for 0V and 24V input from the charger
•  2 terminals (Output +/-) for 0V and 24V output for connection to batteries
•  2 terminals (C +/-) for 0-100mV DC current image output (25A or 50A)
•  2 terminals (V +/-) for 0-10V DC voltage image output (24VDC)

Compatibility and Related Products:
•  This Additional Module works with all BPR Compact, BP+, BP and BPRB Range products

•  Overall dimensions: width: 60mm

Part Number:
•  A80Z0-A (Additional Module)

Wiring Diagram

cre additional module wiring diagram


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Additional Module