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SENS Chargers Help Avoid Costly Engine Start Failure

SENS offers a variety of specialty products to provide uninterruptible power to your most critical infrastructure applications. More than reliable, SENS chargers increase overall DC power system reliability. SENS precisely tailors charger output to changing battery needs in real time. This helps batteries deliver the full performance and long life for which they were designed. Blackouts and poor power quality are inevitable-with one exception. Your mission-critical systems can keep running with SENS ultra-reliable chargers and DC power systems providing non-stop power.

sens battery chargers

MurCal stocks several of the most popular SENS Engine Start Battery Chargers and DC Power System products. If you don't see the exact SENS product you need in the web store, please contact us. We'll be happy to provide you with a fast quote outlining price and availability on any item in the SENS product line.

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SENS Engine Start Battery Chargers


MicroGenius®2 intelligent battery chargers combine the legendary reliability of SENS’ NRG with advanced charging features and all a new battery life-extending technology called HELIX™. Patented high performance charging, known as Dynamic Boost™, prolongs useful life and significantly reduces risk of sudden battery failure.

SENS Engine Start Battery Chargers

EnerGenius® IQ

EnerGenius® IQ is a rugged utility-grade battery charger/rectifier with microprocessor control. The IQ delivers DC power and charges your battery, automatically tests battery performance, logs all relevant site data and clearly communicates results. An all-new charge control system reduces recharge time and cuts risk of overcharge.

SENS Engine Start Battery Chargers

NRG Series

NRG Series engine start battery chargers are the smart choice for mission-critical engine starting. This model is fast and accurate, giving you the best starting reliability. The 4-rate, temperature-compensated output offers the longest battery life. The NRG allows you to replace nearly any charger without planning ahead.

SENS Engine Start Battery Chargers

LC Series

The LC Series low cost engine start chargers deliver premium performance at a low price. Accurate, automatic 2-rate charging offers fast charging and low water consumption. This model offers the best battery performance and lifespan in its class. Includes temperature compensation to eliminate the #1 cause of battery failure.

SENS Engine Start Battery Chargers

BPS 63 Series

The BPS 63 Series is a factory packaged DC battery power system that provides non-stop DC power to critical loads. The weatherproof cabinet eliminates the need for equipment shelters. Great for PCS repeaters, SCADA, process control, and utilities. Provides temperature compensated charging to ensure long battery life.