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Hewitt Industries designs and builds thermocouples in a variety of diameters and shapes to accommodate your specific needs. Exhaust temperature is a very important indicator of potential engine problems, and these thermocouples are designed to help you monitor these temperature readings accurately. The Hewitt thermocouples are manufactured using a Q-glass, high temperature inner insulator with a stainless steel over-braid. Each model comes with a lifetime warranty.

When it comes time to connect your thermocouple, the lead-wire length might not be adequate to make a connection. Hewitt offers seven (7) and fourteen (14) foot long, "k-type" extension lead-wires to increase the connection distance to your pyrometer. Take a closer look at everything we have to offer by clicking on each of the links below.



hewitt industries thermocouples

Hewitt's exhaust port "k-type", grounded Thermocouple Assemblies are available in 1/8" and 1/4" tube.

Extension Wire


hewitt industries thermocouple extension cords

These "k-type" Extension Leadwires increase the connection distance between a thermocouple and your pyrometer.


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