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How MurCal & Pacific Power Group solved an obsolete display issue for MTU owners

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September 16, 2022 10:40:09 AM PDT September 16, 2022 10:40:09 AM PDTth, September 16, 2022 10:40:09 AM PDT

In 2012, MTU Solutions discontinued selling the HV1000-MTUJ. This Engine Display Model was designed for instrumentation and monitoring on electronically controlled engines communicating using SAE J1939 and NMEA 2000. It was a multifunction tool that enabled marine operators to view many different engine or transmission parameters and service codes and could support up to four engines. Unfortunately, when they stopped producing it, they left Boat/Yacht owners including the US Navy with no easy replacement offering.

Pacific Power Group, anticipating that these displays will fail over time, took the initiative and looked around for solutions and owned the problem as a premier MTU dealer. When they connected with our own Jim Saunders here at MurCal, they discussed the issue, and developed a solution for an aftermarket replacement of the HV1000-MTUJ displays.

Software development for the PV700 (MurCal Standard PV700 with SmartCommand™) and PV500 (MurCal Standard PV500 with SmartCommand™) glass front displays (pictured above) was done by MurCal, and it was tested in house, amended several times based on end customer and Pacific Power Group feedback. It took a couple of days to correctly finalize the project and make it work perfectly for the boat owners.


Recently MurCal made a visit to a Customer’s Yacht, called “Blind Faith”, in Huntington Beach, CA to make sure everything worked okay for the MTU V10 / V12 / V16 2000 series engines, and gained feedback from the ship owner, captain, and Pacific Power Group as well. We were able to make on the spot changes to add the finishing touches to the displays. Ran the engines and everything worked perfectly. In order to make the replacement process as quick and easy as possible, MurCal and Pacific Power Group designed a drop-in bracket with adapter harness.


The Blind Faith

It may look fancy and all that, but our engineer reported that it must have been 105-110 degrees fahrenheit on that bridge, no wind, no AC, no fans and full sun, and that engine room was well past 130 after running the engines for a while!


These PV700s (MurCal Standard PV700 with SmartCommand™) replace the MTU HV1000 displays “smartline” for MTU Yachting line of engines, specifically 2x MTU 12V 2000 S96 in this case, along with the 10V 2000 and 16V 2000 series. The PV700s will work with the 10V / 12V / 16V MTU marine engines.


All that hard work resulted in MurCal creating a kit that will replace the old MTU display with a modern touch screen that is much brighter, more responsive and easier to replace with the kit provided by MurCal. This kit includes an adapter plate and harness to make for a quick and easy replacement.

A link to the kit is below:

HV1000 to PV700 Display Conversion Kit (6522032kit) (murcal.com)


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